Calendar ImageFor the players who have used this site in the past in it’s previous incarnation, there is no longer a calendar page (in the way you were used to seeing) or a specific mission page.  This information is now handled in the “Calendar” and “Admins & Agents” areas which will appear as a sidebar on this page.  The “Calendar” area should be self-explanatory. Expand the year and then click on the month link to go to a mission post that includes data like the mission admin, agents, in some cases links to briefings, summaries, etc.  The pictures on these posts can be clicked for a larger image.  The missions listed from 1991 to mid-year 1996 won’t have a lot of “extras” regarding pictures or briefings.  At that point, we were using much older technology and it was a chore just to type something up.  As far as my own missions, I did mine on a Commodore 64 with a dot-matrix printer.  You can definitely see the difference.  Later on I “graduated” to inkjet printers and more modern computers.

The “Admins & Agents” area can be used to locate information about specific administrators and/or agents. The nice thing about this area is that the number next to the name indicates how many instances of that item occurs.  Quick easy way to see how many missions certain agents were on and how many missions certain Admin’s run.

The original notebook/calendar began tracking on October 1991.  All calendar entries that are based on the main TS calendar that Charles had kept are now posted from 1991 to current.  I also should have all of the most recent missions that we have done posted so the calendar is up-to-date. In addition I have also now posted a section called “Pre-Calendar”.  These are missions that I have run and refers to notes from my files.  This section  is not a complete calendar listing of all of the missions that I ran prior to the keeping of the calendar in 1991.  I did my best to keep the missions organized by TS timeframe based on what my notes indicated.  There were several missions that I have notes on that I have not posted as the information I have on hand was not nearly complete enough for me to piece together things. This area also (as of 12/29/19) does not contain any other admin mission information prior to 1991.  If any admins from our gaming sessions have info from that TS timeframe they wish to have posted, please send it to me and request it and I’ll get it posted.

One more item to note. The record amount of kills on a mission was set way back when Steve P. was running missions on one of his many “Sheik” missions.  That record still stands today at 4,336.  Over the years we have tried on several occasions to break that record. All to no avail.


The items in this section are special mission items pertaining to missions/plots that were run a very long time ago. They were quite complex and dealt with a ton of NPC’s. Whenever we refer to them (which, sadly, isn’t too much anymore) sometimes just using the phrase “The Plot” is enough to evoke memories of the complex plotline that some of us Admins have run. Each item below is in .pdf format.

The Saga of Infinite Plot Complications
Plot II – The Wrath of Sean
Knights of Shaemon
Plane Plane Who’s Got the Plane


Below is a listing of various Agent’s birthdays that were listed for each agent on the associated month.  Since we no longer are keeping track of this on physical calendar pages, I thought that I would just list this in this area.  I just have to say that Rob’s agent Jester having a birthday on April Fool’s Day is priceless!! The month is listed and below that is the agent’s name with a numeral to the right, which is the day of the month.

Agent Birthdays Listed on Calendar



Purple Haze (aka Red Fire)-8

JC – 12


Socrates – 7

Quantum – 10


Rocketman – 13

Delta – 21


Jester – 1

Wraith – 2

Longshot – 14


Mystery Man – 11


Nighthawk – 29




Highlander – 2


Ishmael – 5


Reaper – 20


Caspian – 30