Calendar ImageFor the players who have used this site in the past in it’s previous incarnation, there is no longer a calendar page (in the way you were used to seeing) or a specific mission page.  This information is now handled in the “Calendar” and “Admins & Agents” areas which will appear as a sidebar on this page.  The “Calendar” area should be self-explanatory. The “Admins & Agents” area can be used to locate information about specific administrators and/or agents. The nice thing about this area is that the number next to the name indicates how many instances of that item occurs.  Quick easy way to see how many missions certain agents were on and how many missions certain Admin’s run.  PLEASE NOTE that this area will take awhile to get all of the previous calendar entries entered.  We had a LOT!!  The older calendar entries will be more ‘plain’ as we did not have access to as much technology as we do now.  I did post the oldest entry of October 1991 so we have a reference of the oldest entry from the calendar that we were originally tracking.  I also put up the most recent missions so we know where we are at in the TS timeline.