Gun List

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Anti-Air Rockets Assault Rifles Carbines
Gyro/Micro Jet Light Machineguns Machine Guns
Machine Pistols Medium Rockets Military Weapons
Mortars Other Weapons Pistols-Revolvers
Pistols-Semi-Auto Pistols-Special Rifles
Rockets Shotguns Sub-machine Guns

This page has links that will take you to a table of weapons that are used in the game.  Most of the weapons are linked to a picture.  Most of the tables are very similar in appearance in structure. If you want to print out a complete and formatted Gun List, try this link. A brief description of any unusual categories will be placed at the top of each page.

In the process of experimenting with linking the name of the weapon to a picture, it has caused us to look at a couple of weapons again over what was previously designed. One reason for this is that at the time that a weapon was designed, it may have been in a prototype stage (we are talking early to mid-80’s here!).  When we went through this process in the year 2010, in some cases a weapon has undergone some radical re-designs that may now require a new look at the original gun design. In some cases, the company that originally made the weapon is no longer in business and the weapon may have fallen into obscurity. Since several different people in our group have designed weapons, if a weapon is in dispute with what was previously designed, then, when possible, the original designer is contacted and an effort is made to update the stats. Finally, as we make changes to the gun list over previous versions, I will be listing any pertinent identifying information about any change in a weapon (i.e. name, stats, etc.) at the bottom of the chart in the “Notes” section. 

FINALLY! With the diligent efforts of our resident librarian, a picture of the elusive ARPAC rocket has been uncovered. The dauntless librarian also uncovered a better picture of the rare Weaver PKS-9 Ultralite submachine gun. 

Most weapons will have the following general characteristics:

  • QRC-Quick Reference Code
This identifier is used for several purposes. One purpose is for a unique identifier for the weapon. Another use is to identify whether the weapon was from the “official” TS stats from one of the rule books, modules, or other pre-printed material, or was the gun designed for the game by one of the players. For example, “A” on the Pistols table is the .22 ball point pen. The letters A-Z are all identifiers that were labeled for the weapons in the original TS rulebook so we kept that naming convention and incorporated it into our gun list. The “CC0” in Automag or “DS36” in Arminex on the Pistols table denote which player designed the weapon.
  • Name-Name of the weapon.

  • Country-Most of the weapons will have a country of origin listed. I added this field as it was not in the original rules.  Where I came up with the idea is that many guns had a country listed as part of their name.  So rather than leave it as part of the name, I broke it out and listed it in a separate column.  I also went and did a quick look at the weapons that didn’t have a country noted and added it based on quick internet look ups.  I did not do this for all categories of weapons (e.g. the “Other” category).  Interestingly, as I went about looking into this information, I discovered a few weapons that will require further research that might necessitate a change in their name.  Primary example is the Springfield BM-59 rifle.  When I get more time, I’ll have to dig into this weapon further.  Very preliminary research seems to indicate that this weapon is tied into the Beretta BM-59 rifle.    
  • Caliber-Caliber of the weapon. Also will denote if the weapon is magnum or not.
  • PWV-Projectile Weapon Value.
    As the rule book states, “The Projectile Weapon Value is the number which is added to the shooter’s Offense to give the base percentage chance of hitting the target.” The PWV can be modified by other factors such as cover and range. The PWV is calculated by using the weapons ratings (Accuracy, Concealment, Firepower, Power, and Reliability). These ratings are explained in the Optional Rule section of the TS rulebook under Gun Design.
  • Range– Includes: PB-Point Blank (0-3 ft.), S-Short (4-50 ft.), M-Medium (51-600 ft.), L-Long (601-3,000 ft.). Some weapons (such as shotguns) have a different way of calculating range and will be identified on the specific page where the weapons list is.
  • WS-Weapon Speed is used in First Shot Determination.
  • Rate-Maximum number of shots that the weapon can fire per phase.
  • Ammo-Maximum number of rounds that can be fired without reloading. Numbers separated by “/”‘s (such as on the machine gun page) indicate the different number of rounds per magazine.
  • Cost-The cost of the weapon to the character in US dollars. Sometimes the listed price may seem a bit odd. This is due to us keeping the costs listed on the original source material from the game and the weapons that we designed more closely resembled the costs at the time the weapon was designed.
  • Deception-Subtraction from the wearer’s Deception value. If “NC” is listed, it means that the weapon cannot be concealed.
  • ACFPR-“Accuracy”, “Concealment”, “Firepower”, “Power”, and “Reliability”. All of these stats are used in the various tables for use in the Gun Design of the weapon.
  • HWV-Hand Weapon Value is used in hand-to-hand combat.
  • LB– Weight of the weapon in pounds.