House Rules

This page will have links to multiple articles regarding the rules of the game and are in .pdf format. Information posted here is based on what was published in the TS game as well as house rules that we use in our group.

Basic Bulletproofing & Cosmetic SurgeryDocument details rules on bulletproofing for vests, clothes, boots & helmets.  Also explains how we handle Cosmetic Surgery based on the original rules.

Table DES-1 – Rockets. UPDATED!! This is a document that thoroughly discusses our house rules on rockets.

Table DES-2 – Mortars

Table DES-3 – Anti Air Rockets

Table DES-5 – Penetration Factor for Machine Guns

Special Weapons RulesUPDATED!! This document details how to deal with certain types of military weapons. It also has some pictures of these weapons.

Various TS Charts – This document has the following charts: Bullet Damage Modifiers, Bullet Cost, Shotgun Damage modifiers, Scopes, Suppressors, and Grenade Damage.

Tools of the Trade – This document has a short listing of some of the tools of the trade for TS as well as a few other tidbits of information. Includes info on the MedKit from Operation Rapidstrike module.

Injury Determination – This document has the chart from the TS Companion book that has a complete breakdown of how to determine injury location and severity. I did up this chart so it will appear on one page, however the type is very small so I may need to go to two pages like in the book.

Gun List – This document is a cover sheet and a fully formatted Gun List.

S.W.A.T. Van – This document has information about weapons available for new agents that play in our campaign.